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Our articles are short and to the point.... designed around the day to day needs and problems faced of CEOs. (see past and planned CEO Notes articles)

Our rule of thumb for acceptable articles is that each must be between 3 and 5 tight paragraphs of no more three sentences each... and they must all have substantial and compelling content... content that can be of immediate and practical use to a CEO trying to grow his or her company.

Some subjects require more than a few short paragraphs. When they do, we publish a Special Issue.

Even with Special Issues We still keep the word count down low... but we give them a little more leeway and a little more space.

Here is a sample Special Issue. It's about the application of maneuver warfare techniques to customer acquisition and other business growth activities. It deals with interrelationship of Modern maneuver warfare as developed an espoused by Col. John R. Boyd, Sun Tzu, Fast Cycle Times and the Blitzkrieg (all of which are manifestations of a shared methodology)

This issue is one that we're particularly proud of. When compared with two similar articles by the Harvard Business Review ("Maneuver Warfare: Can Modern Military Strategy Lead You to Victory?") and by Fast Company ("The Strategy of the Fighter Pilot") we universally lauded as the one article that explained it in a clear and understandable manner... and in a way that a reader could use to turn around and immediately put it to use.

And we accomplished this despite a far lower word count... or perhaps because of it.

The Executive Partnering Kit

The Executive Partnering Kit

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